Teen Therapy

2151888707If you’re considering therapy for your teen…

You’ve come to the right place!

It’s usually not a single “breaking point” that brings someone to therapy. Teens come to therapy for various reasons.

It could be academic pressures, family conflicts, or peer issues.

Situations such as changes in family dynamics, loss, or transitions may also lead them here.

Sometimes, feelings like anxiety, sadness, or overwhelming stress prompt the decision to seek help.

I’ve worked with many teens facing these challenges.

I love working with teens.

They possess so much strength and resilience! I’m genuinely excited about helping your teen navigate this phase of their life.

Here, your teen will have a safe space to explore their thoughts and feelings.

They are not alone on this journey; I’m here to support you and your teen every step of the way.

1674180016A glimpse of what to expect…

Entering a therapy session for the first time with an online therapist can be a mix of curiosity and uncertainty. It’s natural that they’re unsure or feel awkward about talking to a therapist through their phone or computer screen. I get it.

But I design therapy sessions to be safe, welcoming spaces. It’s much like chatting with a caring friend in a cozy room.

It’s an open, empathetic environment, so your teen can be themselves without fear of judgment.

Here’s what we’ll do…

I’ll actively listen as they share their thoughts, feelings, and concerns. We’ll explore their emotions, concerns, and vision for a better life.

I’ll help them navigate the challenges of adolescence, like stress, anxiety, depression, or relationship issues.

We’ll set goals for them, making sure they see and celebrate their progress as they make better choices and become healthier and happier.

What they share is confidential, and I use creative therapies tailored to teens… so they eventually get comfortable opening up.

Empower your teen for a better future!

Teens need to be self-aware and build emotional resilience to be successful adults.

Therapy is the perfect place for both!

Let’s give your teen the skills and support they need to thrive.

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